Definition of acanthamoeba in English:



  • An amoeba of a genus which includes a number that can cause opportunistic infections in humans.

    Genus Acanthamoeba, phylum Rhizopoda

    • ‘Also, she says, it is not clear how long acanthamoebae persist in an environment, particularly a marine environment.’
    • ‘Arguments supporting a pathogenic role are that Chlamydia pneumoniae, a well-recognized agent of pneumonia, was shown to infect free-living amoebae and that another member of the Chlamydiales, Simkania negevensis, which has 88% homology with Parachlamydia acanthamoebae, has caused pneumonia in adults and acute bronchiolitis in infants.’
    • ‘Interestingly, serum enhanced the phagocytic ability of acanthamoebae, as measured by bacterial uptake.’
    • ‘Thus, P. acanthamoebae would resemble the LCA, whereas N. hartmanellae and the unclassified isolate would represent major divergences.’
    • ‘Having just completed the first year of a two-year project, the investigator has successfully used the dot-blot technique to detect and identify acanthamoebae in the marine environment.’
    • ‘Known ocular pathogens include bacteria, fungi, and also protozoans such as amoebae, for example the acanthamoebae.’
    • ‘The youngster contracted an alarming organism known as acanthamoeba through infected tap water while visiting Canada last year, and it began to eat away at his cornea.’