Definition of academically in English:



  • In a way that relates to education and scholarship.

    ‘applicants must excel academically’
    • ‘Jazz now is an academically respected art form.’
    • ‘Exams are a reflection of this because of their length and difficulty, which students find more academically challenging than before.’
    • ‘Companies cannot wait for an academically perfect global framework.’
    • ‘Studying music has sharpened my ability to concentrate and focus academically.’
    • ‘He was admitted to Berkeley, where he continued to do well academically.’
    • ‘We seek to nurture these young people so that they can fulfill their true potential, both academically and socially.’
    • ‘There were a small number of paintings by academically trained artists.’
    • ‘The more academically orientated the dissertation, the greater the need for theoretical underpinning.’
    • ‘It means they perform better academically when they know they can succeed.’
    • ‘If students support staff and vice versa, we are all in a stronger position academically, socially, and economically.’