Definition of abysmally in English:



  • In an extremely bad way; appallingly.

    ‘she treats me abysmally at times’
    as submodifier ‘the conviction rate is abysmally low’
    • ‘I can't tell you how many times I have congratulated myself on a multiple pirouette, only to have the next several fail abysmally.’
    • ‘Real economic profits nowadays play an abysmally insignificant role toward dictating economic expansion.’
    • ‘They have failed abysmally in responding to that.’
    • ‘It is abysmally hot in the rooms of this hotel.’
    • ‘Farmers are forced to accept abysmally low prices for their products.’
    • ‘They also said they were treated abysmally when they complained.’
    • ‘There is no denying the abysmally low voter turnout rate.’
    • ‘It is a city about which I was abysmally ignorant.’
    • ‘It has performed abysmally, and the only explanation that can be advanced is that of incompetent economic management.’
    • ‘This band performs admirably on one track and abysmally on the subsequent ten.’