Definition of abuzz in English:



  • predicative Filled with a continuous humming sound.

    ‘the room was abuzz with mosquitoes’
    figurative ‘the city was abuzz with rumours’
    • ‘The film circle is abuzz with Water being an Oscar contender.’
    • ‘Leading Australians jumped on the bandwagon as the Santa ban spread, with radio talk-back shows abuzz with festive fury.’
    • ‘The township stayed abuzz after the game as Chiefs' supporters sounded their car hooters in celebration of their team's victory.’
    • ‘On this day, the town's main intersection was abuzz, awaiting Saudi royalty.’
    • ‘The 50 stalls set up at the fair are abuzz with nervous activity.’
    • ‘Who can focus, in newsrooms abuzz with today's excitements, on last month's story, which is not going to be exclusive anyway?’
    • ‘Friday and the show hadn't started, yet the centre was abuzz.’
    • ‘By game day, last Saturday, the town was abuzz with honest excitement.’
    • ‘The grumblings stopped, and soon, the city was abuzz with excitement.’
    • ‘The Scottsville Race Course was abuzz with excitement as thousands of runners struggled to beat the gun.’
    • ‘Colleges are abuzz with technical and cultural competitions.’
    • ‘The regional Centre for Arts and Culture was abuzz with artistic activity.’
    • ‘After the dance, the room is abuzz, and the wired participants discuss their newly acquired mini-choreographies.’
    • ‘All around me white and yellow flowering acacia trees are abuzz with bees, wasps, and colorful cetoniid beetles.’
    • ‘A man had been murdered that morning, and the village was abuzz.’
    • ‘The party was abuzz with compliments for George's new place, which does not actually open to the public until mid-September.’
    • ‘The Library has been abuzz with a lot of activities of late.’
    • ‘The Promenade and Evesham Road will be abuzz with the sound of traffic patiently making its way to the racecourse.’
    • ‘It's very exciting, the place is abuzz for those few days.’
    • ‘Every possible road over the County bounds into Tipperary will be abuzz from early morning on Sunday next as the mass exodus to Thurles begins.’
    excitement, exciting experience, thrill, stimulation
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