Definition of abusiveness in English:



  • See abusive

    • ‘Basically, the best I can do to explain Taylor's reaction to his father's abusiveness is that his father really did used to be a caring individual, and treat him well.’
    • ‘There's no doubt that email can bring out the abusiveness and obnoxiousness in some people, but it's still useful to know how people feel.’
    • ‘The students took their charge seriously, suggesting rules such as: ‘No violence or abusiveness - either physical or verbal’ and ‘Come to class on time and prepared.’’
    • ‘Researchers have long debated the impact of perceived power between partners as a precipitating factor in intimate abusiveness.’
    • ‘Isn't it more likely that the cause of Larry's behavior was his father's abusiveness and had nothing, or at the most, very little, to do with divorce itself?’
    • ‘I've had a policy of not editing comments of others, regardless of abusiveness.’
    • ‘When you know you've done absolutely everything in your power to make the client happy, only to have the situation turn ugly, it's important not to take the client's disrespect or abusiveness on as your responsibility or fault.’
    • ‘Counselors in this area report that the most successful groups are the ones in which the men come to challenge one another about their abusiveness.’
    • ‘Sharon said that Linda is verbally abusive and her abusiveness reminds her of her father, whom Linda is closer to than Sharon.’
    • ‘He contemplated whether to endure Curt's verbal abusiveness or silently return to his room.’
    • ‘Due to his unruly behaviour, which included rudeness and abusiveness, the management was forced to ban him from using these facilities.’
    • ‘The wince factor is high as Florence, always the masochist, flees from what little salvation is on offer for encounters of escalating abusiveness.’
    • ‘But leftists made what progress they did by demanding that the nation live up to its stated principles, rather than dismissing them as fatally compromised by the racism of the founders or the abusiveness of flag-waving vigilantes.’
    • ‘As in previous research, for the purpose of data analyses, subjects were dichotomized in terms of intimate abusiveness and level of distress in their current relationship.’
    • ‘But his stridency and his abusiveness, particularly of the pathetic Miss Taboo, brings him perilously close to being just another cartoonish Evil Queen.’
    • ‘Read the postings without benefit of rebuttals and one is astonished at the level of casual cruelty and abusiveness visited on innocent youth.’
    • ‘They often think their outbursts and abusiveness are entirely justified.’
    • ‘But a flood of news items since the report's release in late May show that the government's actions do not reflect an anomalous period of abusiveness.’
    • ‘The inherent abusiveness of our capitalistic, unloving, unaccepting society revisits itself in the family, producing narcissistically wounded individuals.’
    • ‘After a long, unpleasant legal battle, in which allegations of infidelity and abusiveness were raised, the parents split custody.’