Definition of abundant in English:



  • 1Existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.

    ‘there was abundant evidence to support the theory’
    • ‘The area has an abundant supply of rivers, varying in size, but none of them small!’
    • ‘Why, I asked, when the evidence was so abundant, did the trail appear to have gone cold?’
    • ‘Continental Europe has endured freezing temperatures and abundant snowfall.’
    • ‘The overall tone is a muted greenish grey, picked out by the stone statue of the Madonna and the abundant foliage.’
    • ‘There is also abundant evidence for increased volcanic activity during the Little Ice Age.’
    • ‘This allows the animal maximum use of the abundant grass supply available all summer.’
    • ‘In addition to the mining sector, the province also has abundant marine resources.’
    • ‘In fact, it's a diverse land of stunning scenery, generous nomads and abundant wildlife.’
    • ‘Bird life is abundant, but the number and variety of butterflies is extraordinary.’
    • ‘The restaurants are packed with people, wine is readily available, goods are in abundant supply.’
    • ‘The taste of the okra stood out even among its abundant and pleasing seasoning.’
    • ‘The setting is beautiful, the wildlife surprisingly abundant, and there is an excellent spa.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be great if kiwi, takahe and other native birds could one day be that abundant?’
    • ‘It's all about prosperity, abundant free time, permissive traffic laws and cheap gas.’
    • ‘In the late 1700s, the abundant seaweed or kelp provided an important source of income.’
    • ‘The anecdotal evidence is abundant and its use by top athletes suggests that it definitely has a role to play.’
    • ‘In the rivers of East Anglia, more chub were found in stretches of river with abundant overhead cover.’
    • ‘They liked Perigord for its warmth and abundant vineyards and found one they considered perfect.’
    • ‘It is a shame to write with such abundant style and yet offer so little evidence of thought.’
    • ‘The undergrowth and the weed will be at its heaviest and the natural food available to the fish will be at its most abundant.’
    plentiful, copious, ample, profuse, rich, lavish, liberal, generous, bountiful, large, huge, great, bumper, overflowing, superabundant, infinite, inexhaustible, opulent, prolific, teeming
    in plenty, in abundance
    a gogo, galore
    bounteous, plenteous
    abound, be plentiful, be numerous, exist in abundance, proliferate, be thick on the ground
    grow on trees
    be ten a penny, be two a penny
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    1. 1.1Having plenty of.
      ‘the riverbanks were abundant in beautiful wild plants’
      • ‘Basalt thus produces heavy clay soils, many of which are abundant in nutrients and provide rich agricultural land.’
      • ‘The Yangtze Delta was abundant in cultural and tourism resources, which could be used to enrich Expo activities.’
      • ‘The State, which is abundant in natural resources, is a gift of God which should not be tampered with.’
      • ‘There is no wonder that Zhaoqing is abundant in fruit and natural resources.’
      • ‘The oceans are abundant in water but freshwater is diminishing at an alarming rate.’
      • ‘We head towards the Rocky Mountains where we come to a town abundant in stylish fashionistas and Ferrari's.’
      • ‘Colorado is not only abundant in the natural beauty of high mountains, it has plenty of high culture as well.’
      • ‘A place just without law and abundant in necessities so nobody goes without.’
      • ‘Though abundant in natural resources, Papua has been left far behind other regions in Indonesia.’
      • ‘By day, it would reveal a planet as awesomely beautiful and abundant in natural wealth as ever.’
      • ‘There were unbelievable floral exhibits and hanging baskets of enormous size and abundant in colour.’
      • ‘The older will always be more articulate and more abundant in possibilities than the younger.’
      • ‘Meng went to Huzhou, in East China's Zhejiang Province, which was abundant in bamboo.’
      • ‘The dunes harbour a number of freshwater lakes abundant in wildlife.’
      • ‘They're most abundant in fish like tuna, mackerel, herring, salmon and sardines.’
      • ‘However, in Finland reindeer are very common and Finnish Lapland is abundant in food for reindeer.’
      • ‘They are abundant in early-successional shrub habitats and in salmonberry thickets.’
      • ‘On either side of me stand scrawny vines abundant with blackish grapes.’
      • ‘It is abundant in citrus fruits, green peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes.’


Late Middle English: from Latin abundant- abounding, from the verb abundare (see abound).