Definition of abstentionism in English:



  • See abstention

    • ‘However, the report said abstentionism was not inevitable as 57% of the EU electorate who didn't vote last June said they had voted in the previous national election in their country.’
    • ‘Frustration at the narrow-minded ‘electoralism’ of the British political parties has produced a new form of militant abstentionism in the 2001 campaign which we haven't seen before.’
    • ‘With 175,000 votes, the party has edged ahead of the SDLP and secured four Westminster seats, despite its unchanged policy of abstentionism.’
    • ‘He was integral in influencing Sinn Fein's decision to drop Dail abstentionism in 1986 and argued strongly that democratic politics would strengthen the republican cause.’
    • ‘So, elections will almost certainly be held - amidst continuing and probably escalating violence and amidst a high rate of abstentionism, especially in Sunni areas.’