Definition of absorptivity in English:



  • See absorption

    • ‘To improve water solubility and red absorptivity of hypocrellins, a series of hypocrellin derivatives have been synthesized in the last 20 years, among which are the amino-substituted hypocrellins.’
    • ‘In a separate experiment, samples were exposed to prolonged irradiation under laboratory conditions, resulting in complete loss of absorptivity in the wavelengths between 290 and 400 nm.’
    • ‘They absorb UVB light over the full range but are not particularly effective sunscreens because they have low absorptivity.’
    • ‘The overall calculated frequency dependence of the absorbances shown in Fig.4 is in fairly good agreement with the experiment; however, they do not reproduce the observation that WT has higher absorptivity than D96N in this region.’
    • ‘The absorptivity of the extractable phenols does extend to the UV-A and UV sensitivity of isolated spinach thylakoids and the green alga Dunaliella salina extends into the UV-A waveband.’