Definition of absorptive in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈzɔːptɪv//əbˈsɔːptɪv/


  • See absorption

    • ‘However, the absorptive capacity in the Scottish economy is insufficient to retain most of them.’
    • ‘The type of exudate management device used will depend on the etiology of the wound and may include compression therapy, mechanical devices/products, or absorptive dressing management.’
    • ‘Far from stopping, or at least curtailing immigration, the British government increased by ten per cent the allowed ‘economic absorptive capacity’ for Jewish immigration.’
    • ‘The authors speculated that a direct systemic absorptive effect on fluticasone on CRP would be a less likely explanation owing to its low systemic bioavailability in patients with impaired airway caliber.’
    • ‘While Indonesia clearly needs more official capital inflow at this time (in the face of continuing private capital outflow), the absorptive capacity for new ODA loans is apparently reaching its limits.’