Definition of absorber in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈsɔːbə//əbˈzɔːbə/


  • See absorb

    • ‘The base coat contains absorbers to soak up sweat and oil, and the topcoat contains color that evened out my red blotches and discolorations.’
    • ‘In general, it has been assumed that UV absorbers function in a manner analogous to that operating during polyolefin stabilization, i.e. by reducing the flux of near-UV light that could interact with the pulp fibers.’
    • ‘Ian is very analytical and an enormous absorber of information, and very argumentative.’
    • ‘Passive absorbers of information or active creators of knowledge?’
    • ‘I don't think you would recommend a curry a day for headaches but it is possible that someone with a headache who is a very good absorber of salicylic acid might find it went away if they had a vindaloo.’