Definition of absoluteness in English:



  • See absolute

    • ‘As a writer, I drew three lessons from him: the absoluteness of his concentration, the contrariness of his thinking, and the depth of his respect for good writing.’
    • ‘The upsetting part of this story is the absoluteness of technology and the irrelevance of humanity.’
    • ‘No one should ever use the role of teacher to demean the ideas of others or insist on the absoluteness of an opinion, much less press erroneous assertions.’
    • ‘What unites both liberals and conservatives is their mutual insistence on the exclusivity and absoluteness of their vision.’
    • ‘The Puritan paradox, to name it such, was that a rigorous defense of the absoluteness of Scripture as an objective, prescriptive code, could not be made without a critical analysis of the contents of Scripture itself.’