Definition of absolute pitch in English:

absolute pitch


mass nounMusic
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    ‘I have absolute pitch and I could hear those quarter-tones’
    another term for perfect pitch
    • ‘But Mithen presents no evidence that absolute pitch is important in musical ability.’
    • ‘If I had not perfect but absolute pitch as you call it, if I had it as a baby, can I maintain it by taking up music?’
    • ‘Sun compared the brain activity of eight musicians who demonstrated absolute pitch capabilities with eight musicians and eight nonmusicians who did not have this capability.’
    • ‘They found he had absolute pitch, and a remarkable memory.’
    • ‘A person with perfect or absolute pitch will find this easier.’
    1. 1.1 Pitch according to a fixed standard defined by the frequency of the sound vibration.
      • ‘In other words, Movable Do abandons any sense of absolute pitch to achieve relative pitch.’
      • ‘The words consisted of absolute pitch levels (expressed in Hz) and relative changes which capture steps up and down from the current pitch level.’
      • ‘Now speaking of tone languages and just absolute pitch, it involves relative pitch and noticing intonation contours and all sorts of other complicated things too.’
      • ‘It turns out that speakers of these languages use absolute pitch every day, but in conversation, rather than in the concert hall.’
      • ‘A musician who has mastered Fixed Do and acquired nearly absolute pitch is able to grasp an entire musical phrase at once.’


absolute pitch

/ˌabsəluːt ˈpɪtʃ/