Definition of absent-mindedness in English:



  • See absent-minded

    • ‘Before you start to panic, there is a crucial difference between dementia and general absent-mindedness.’
    • ‘In a fit of absent-mindedness, they had signed contracts that ran until 2004.’
    • ‘It's frustrating for the audience, too, because his absent-mindedness prevents this seminar on the pharaohs making any progress.’
    • ‘Forgetfulness tends to increase with age, but there's a big difference between normal absent-mindedness and the type of memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease.’
    • ‘He was known for occasional absent-mindedness in important situations.’
    forgetfulness, amnesia, poor memory, tendency to forget, lapse of memory
    distractedness, preoccupation, inattentiveness, inattention, vagueness, abstraction, absence, absorption, engrossment, heedlessness, obliviousness
    pensiveness, thoughtfulness, musing, brooding
    blonde moment
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