Definition of abscission in English:



mass nounBotany
  • The natural detachment of parts of a plant, typically dead leaves and ripe fruit.

    ‘leaf abscission in trees’
    as modifier ‘abscission layer’
    • ‘In the absence of water deficit, leaf water potential changes very little, or not at all, during senescence in species where the life span of leaves is terminated by abscission, as in soybeans and other dicots.’
    • ‘Ethylene is involved in many biological processes, like fruit ripening, flower and leaf abscission, senescence, many stress acclimations, and growth.’
    • ‘The presence and balance of plant hormones have been shown to affect abscission of leaves, flowers, and immature and mature fruit.’
    • ‘They produce numerous biological effects including promotion of leaf senescence and abscission, stomatal closure, inhibition of root growth, and germination of non-dormant seeds.’
    • ‘By contrast, drought hastens ripening and seed maturation for tomato and reduces fruit abscission for lychee trees.’


Early 17th century: from Latin abscissio(n-), from abscindere, from ab- ‘off’ + scindere ‘to cut’.