Definition of Abruzzian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Italian region of Abruzzi or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Abruzzian mountaineers sung their praises’
    • ‘Unlike his American-born wife, who considers herself an Italian, Abruzzian-born Bandini considers himself an American.’
    • ‘Parrozzo is an Abruzzian cake glazed with a rich bittersweet chocolate and amaretto sauce.’
    • ‘Laces of Southern Italy are undoubtedly of Abruzzian manufacture.’
    • ‘The modern Pescara was almost entirely constructed after the war and so it differs strongly from Abruzzian old towns.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Italian region of Abruzzi.

    ‘Abruzzians sometimes use mutton in this dish’
    • ‘And finally, there were Italians who lived on 111th–112th Streets, and they were Abruzzians and Neapolitans.’
    • ‘Abruzzians are friendly and gentle.’
    • ‘In her opinion, her son-in-law is not an Italian but an Abruzzian.’