Definition of abruptly in English:



  • 1Suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ‘the film ends rather abruptly’
    ‘a drama about two young brothers who are abruptly abandoned by their father’
    • ‘Then, as abruptly as he arrived, the young guest leaves.’
    • ‘Abruptly he bounded away, ducking into his house without explanation.’
    • ‘Their partnership lasted three years, ending abruptly in 1994.’
    • ‘This leads the story abruptly to a truncated finale that sidesteps the more harrowing nature of the film's first half.’
    • ‘He abruptly heads for Kansas, without even warning his oldest friend of his departure.’
    • ‘First, the chief executive abruptly resigned.’
    • ‘The protagonist's monologue concludes abruptly in silence.’
    • ‘Early on, a church building, previously depicted as the last safe place on earth, is abruptly demolished.’
    • ‘Hip-hop beats are put up against classical music and pop songs, with any given tune cutting out abruptly whenever a scene shifts.’
    • ‘The scene now begins abruptly with the murder of Perdita's sister.’
  • 2In a rude or curt manner.

    ‘she barely conceals her irritation and speaks briefly and abruptly to the woman’
    • ‘The tech quite abruptly informs me that they don't support my hardware.’
    • ‘To put the matter abruptly, the advertising industry is a crude attempt to extend the principle of automation to every aspect of society.’
    • ‘Even with a woman who clearly loves him, he is rude and brusque, abruptly rejecting any sort of overture that may lead to self-disclosure.’
    • ‘When I spoke to her of the matter, she answered me abruptly.’
    • ‘"It's not a big issue as far as I'm concerned," he told her abruptly.’
    • ‘She and her husband left in 1982 after Cho abruptly banned her from the nursery.’
    • ‘During two of their three phone conversations she ended the calls abruptly, hanging up without warning.’
    • ‘It was very unlike him to do something so bluntly and abruptly.’
    • ‘Without allowing me to say anything else, he abruptly walked off.’
    • ‘I turned to give him a "what did you say?" glare, but was stopped abruptly by his own "stop talking and start listening" glare.’
  • 3Steeply; precipitously.

    ‘the forested terrain ascends abruptly’
    • ‘However, as the paraboloid becomes narrower, it tilts, then abruptly tumbles onto its side.’
    • ‘These terminate abruptly to the northeast at a fault that offsets the thrust.’
    • ‘Seaward of the road, the grassy slopes end abruptly in rugged cliffs pounded by waves.’
    • ‘These dikes can change direction abruptly.’
    • ‘On the side opposite to the river, the land rose abruptly toward the village.’
    • ‘Coarse alluvial-fan sediments change abruptly basinward into lacustrine sediments.’
    • ‘Little has been published about the stratigraphic age of this group, which is abruptly overlain by these limestones.’
    • ‘The Codling Fault terminates abruptly against the Palaeozoic Welsh Massif.’
    • ‘Some grooves deepen and terminate fairly abruptly.’
    • ‘It is a ridge in the Serra do Divisor, which rises abruptly above a vast, level plain cloaked in tall forest.’