Definition of above all in English:

above all

(also above all else)


  • More so than anything else.

    ‘he was concerned above all to speak the truth’
    • ‘But for me, above all else, it was his Schubert which was truly miraculous.’
    • ‘The Union is about that above all else and we Scots shouldn't forget it - because the English are beginning to remember.’
    • ‘This was a night that testified to United powers and, above all, to the glory of football in its ideal state.’
    • ‘Those seven Maori members say that, above all else, they speak for Maori.’
    • ‘So, keep reading, keep writing, but above all else, just have a great time!’
    • ‘We took solace in the fact that, above all else, music was his passion and that we could take his mind off his disease while we played.’
    • ‘But, above all else, this was a celebration of Manchester's ability to party.’
    • ‘Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else.’
    • ‘Such a principle, above all else, is what we must seek as we try to understand the world around us.’
    • ‘But above all else, I must thank my producers at the Big Blog Company. without whom there would be no site.’
    most importantly, before everything, beyond everything, first of all, most of all, chiefly, primarily, in the first place, first and foremost, mainly, principally, predominantly, especially, essentially, basically, elementally, in essence, at bottom
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