Definition of above-stated in English:



  • (in printed text) denoting a point or idea previously stated.

    ‘we should not abandon the above-stated democratic ideal’
    • ‘It is also observed in the above-stated plan that the Southeast District has only 41 acres.’
    • ‘The Secretary of State is satisfied that your client's case falls outside of his above-stated policy.’
    • ‘Scientists create such theories as they pursue the four above-stated aims.’
    • ‘I believe the above-stated idea is actually true for most of the subjects I would discuss in this book.’
    • ‘Del's refund claim was timely (within the above-stated period of three years and six months from the payment date) to recover his overpayments for both tax years 1999 and 2000.’
    • ‘After having taken note of the above-stated request, the needed authorization is hereby granted.’
    • ‘I'm not worried myself, because of the above-stated fact: most serious music fans still want to own the actual item.’
    • ‘I had my questions translated to Punjabi and again sent them to the above-stated institutions.’
    • ‘If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at the above-stated address.’
    • ‘It also tends to lead them in a direction that is the opposite of much of the above-stated goals.’
    • ‘With the widespread acceptance of the above-stated theory it might be assumed that the case for it is rather strong.’
    • ‘It is clear from the above-stated statistics that the presence of multinationals has not boosted the country's wealth creation objective.’
    • ‘Two fundamental faults can be identified in the above-stated government response.’
    previously mentioned, aforementioned, aforenamed, previously described, above, foregoing, preceding, precedent, earlier, previous, same, selfsame
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