Definition of aborning in English:



North American
  • While being born or produced.

    ‘the idea died aborning’
    • ‘But in privileging economic factors and forces, as Heymann has done, and ignoring, for the most part, cultural and historical forces, which she has also done, her argument is going to die aborning once it hits the light of political day.’
    • ‘The most enthusiastic supporters of the various plans had a big stake in the new program, Castle, which would die aborning if Haven ceased to exist.’
    • ‘Without this sixth ‘point of emphasis’ Dr. Anderson's five ‘points of emphasis’ will - and should - die aborning.’
    • ‘The mission was on, and any potential fantasies died aborning.’


1930s: from a- ‘in the process of’ + borning, verbal noun from born (North American dialect usage) to be born.