Definition of aboriginal title in English:

aboriginal title


mass nounCanadian
  • The right of indigenous peoples to own their traditional lands and waters, as recognized by common law.

    ‘the Supreme Court of Canada has said that there is an aboriginal title over some BC lands’
    • ‘Either under aboriginal title or the Treaty of Waitangi, any private rights must belong to the relevant Maori.’
    • ‘A group of loggers walked off the job for a day in show of support for Aboriginal title to the forests of Haida Gwai'i.’
    • ‘The decision recognized the Tsilhqot'in's right to aboriginal title over 1,750 square kilometres of territory in a case that began as a dispute over logging.’
    • ‘The issue of aboriginal title has remained unresolved since colonisation.’
    • ‘For a claim of aboriginal title to succeed, a claimant Indian group must show that it is the successor to the Indian group that held the title in 1846.’
    • ‘Aboriginal peoples were opposed because of the lack of consideration of its effect on Aboriginal title or Aboriginal self-governance.’
    • ‘"It may push us into opposition because we have to protect our aboriginal title," chief Wilf Adam said.’
    • ‘The court did not make any determination about which Indian groups hold aboriginal title to which areas.’
    • ‘Recent court decisions have reaffirmed the legal requirement of governments and corporations to consult with First Nations on decisions affecting aboriginal title.’
    • ‘The doctrine of aboriginal title is most frequently applied as a mechanism to resist dispossession of indigenous communities' ancestral lands.’
    • ‘The offshore oil issue is further complicated by unresolved aboriginal title.’
    • ‘The bill is widely considered to be an interim measure until aboriginal title and self-government issues are settled across Canada.’