Definition of Aboriginal tent embassy in English:

Aboriginal tent embassy

(also tent embassy)


  • A semi-permanent site of political protest established in a public space, from which indigenous people and their supporters campaign for improved rights:

    ‘the Aboriginal tent embassy remains one of the most politically and symbolically charged sites in the national capital’
    • ‘Another demonstration was held last Friday by a group of Aborigines from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra.’
    • ‘Since 1992, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy has been continuously occupied, although its exact location has varied.’
    • ‘Indigenous Australians at the nearby tent embassy in front of Old Parliament House will mark "Invasion Day" today.’
    • ‘Throughout its thirty-year history, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy has been a touchstone of controversy.’
    • ‘With the capacity to appear and disappear suddenly, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy is ephemeral.’
    • ‘Staff have established a "tent embassy" outside the hospital.’
    • ‘She has had a long association with the Aboriginal tent embassy, which receives support from the union movement.’
    • ‘The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was set up in the wee hours on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.’
    • ‘The information was passed on to members of the tent embassy who staged an angry protest.’
    • ‘Last week's Aboriginal tent embassy protest was an unhelpful distraction in the debate over changing Australia's constitution.’
    • ‘The restaurant where Thursday's clash occurred is close to the so-called Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where the protesters had demonstrated peacefully earlier in the day.’