Definition of abominably in English:



  • 1Very unpleasantly or unfairly:

    ‘he had treated her abominably’
    • ‘As long as it's in abominably bad taste, go for it!’
    • ‘The press has behaved so abominably towards Michael.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It was a very regrettable and something for which he wishes to apologise to the court and to the security staff who were treated abominably by him.’’
    • ‘She said: ‘We have a rail station at Malton that fails abominably.’’
    • ‘Germany have played abominably, and Ribbeck seems to change his mind for every game.’
    reprehensibly, badly, dreadfully, appallingly, brutally, abysmally, nauseatingly, horridly, nastily
    atrociously, horrifyingly, execrably, foully, vilely, wretchedly, miserably, horribly, awfully
    disagreeably, unpleasantly, distastefully
    hatefully, loathsomely, detestably, odiously
    despicably, contemptibly, damnably, diabolically, disgustingly, revoltingly, repellently, repulsively, repugnantly, abhorrently
    terribly, shockingly
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    1. 1.1 Very badly:
      ‘his head hurt abominably’
      [as submodifier] ‘restaurants with abominably bad service’
      ‘it is abominably rude of her to call so early’
      • ‘My profoundest apologies for not updating for such an abominably long time.’
      • ‘I reserve the right to behave abominably on occasion.’
      • ‘The place is excessively filthy, and abominably dirty.’
      • ‘She had been abominably uncivil to him, and she would not be surprised if he took umbrage.’
      • ‘Ambrose, thought I to myself, my devout Ambrose is either at church, or abominably lazy this morning.’
      • ‘She is unpolished, unsophisticated, and abominably rude.’
      • ‘Across the board, scientific knowledge in America is at an abominably low level.’
      • ‘"I must beg your pardon most sincerely for the abominably rude manner of my leaving Somerset," she said.’
      • ‘Well, it was quiet when Liv was writing or reading, otherwise it was abominably noisy.’
      • ‘The shuttles were abominably slow, taxis couldn't be found anywhere.’
      • ‘All these are microeconomic areas over which the government still has direct control - and has failed abominably.’
      • ‘Usually it has to do with our abominably bad way of simply not finding a place for people to attach socially.’
      • ‘Many people might find this magistrate's sentence abominably scandalous.’
      • ‘Both were outsiders, both were fundamentally insecure, and both could be abominably rude - especially to one other.’
      • ‘I suppose we have both been abominably rude to each other by eavesdropping.’
      • ‘As long as it's in abominably bad taste, go for it!’
      • ‘This abominably weak link renders all passport security checks laughable.’
      • ‘His arm ached abominably where Lee had stabbed it.’
      • ‘The roof had not been freshly thatched for years and the whole thing leaked abominably.’
      • ‘He always woke up abominably early and never failed to take a shower before going back to bed.’