Definition of abnormally in English:



  • In a manner that deviates from what is normal or usual; irregularly or extraordinarily.

    ‘her heart started beating abnormally’
    as submodifier ‘an abnormally wet autumn’
    • ‘Ordinarily I assume that things are as they look, unless it occurs to me that my vision is being affected abnormally.’
    • ‘Water temperatures have been abnormally high for the last few months.’
    • ‘Because it so readily absorbs water, a lack of water can cause the fiber to swell abnormally.’
    • ‘I woke up at 7:30 the next morning, which is abnormally early for me.’
    • ‘When a software application starts behaving abnormally, how do we pinpoint the source of the problem?’
    • ‘I'm feeling abnormally pessimistic about the absurd lack of substantive leadership we are receiving.’
    • ‘Another condition seen in pregnant women is hypotension, or abnormally low blood pressure.’
    • ‘Poor man was perspiring abnormally, and his face was quite pasty from fear.’
    • ‘The cancer had spread abnormally far for such a young person.’
    • ‘The child is, in a sense, abnormally self-occupied.’