Definition of ableist in English:


(also ablist)


  • See ableism

    • ‘If I have inadvertently displayed any sexist, racist, lookist, ableist, or any other type of bias as yet unnamed, I apologise.’
    • ‘The cover design appears to be rather male-dominated, white, and ableist.’
    • ‘Continued racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, and ableist institutions and behavior create particular circumstances for these groups, usually disadvantaging them in their opportunity to develop their capacities.’
    • ‘Having to face a counselor's insinuations that they are ableist if they want to abort because of fetal disability just adds another burden on women seeking abortions.’
    • ‘Thomson argues there is now evidence of a departure from and revision of the medicalized ableist legacy to be found in exemplary postmodern black women's writing.’