Definition of ablate in English:



  • See ablation

    • ‘Drying winds slowly ablate away the ice from the material, leaving them soft and dry, although still very cold, by the next day.’
    • ‘The corneal surface epithelium is ablated in this procedure and patients may experience discomfort for 48 hours or more postoperatively.’
    • ‘If a high-energy laser pulse of sufficient intensity strikes a piece of orbital debris, a micro-thin layer of material is ablated from the object's surface.’
    • ‘The laser beam zaps a pinhead-sized area on the target, ablating or vaporizing it.’
    • ‘Thus, if continental ice sheets formed at all, they would have been ablated as the ice age got into high gear.’
    • ‘As the device is withdrawn, it ablates the swollen vein, completely destroying it.’