Definition of Abitur in English:



  • (in Germany) a set of examinations taken in the final year of secondary school.

    • ‘When he received his Abitur in 1928 it was with distinction and he was ranked top in his school.’
    • ‘Womens groups petitioned the state governments and the Reichstag to open the Abitur and university study to women.’
    • ‘The university preparatory track requires successful completion of the Abitur, a university entrance examination.’
    • ‘The Gymnasien were raised above all other schools, and the Abitur, which qualified for university admission, was made more rigorous.’
    • ‘When he was eighteen years old, he was awarded his Abitur after attending a six-form High School in Amsterdam.’
    • ‘He had never finished his Gymnasium education and had not received the required Abitur.’
    • ‘He entered university to pursue a degree in law after receiving the Abitur in 1925.’
    • ‘It is accepted as an entry qualification by universities of the European Union, on a par with the German Abitur, etc.’
    • ‘Students who attend a Gymnasium must pass the Abitur in order to enter a German university.’
    • ‘The Oberrealschule did offer the Abitur, even if its certificate did not provide all the privileges of the classical diploma.’
    • ‘Students have the right to enrol anywhere simply by obtaining their Abitur.’
    • ‘He wanted to get his Abitur in the Gutenberg Gymnasium so that he could learn a profession that he enjoyed.’


From German, abbreviation of Abiturientenexamen ‘leavers' examination’.