Definition of abbreviated in English:



  • Shortened; cut short.

    ‘an abbreviated version of the earlier work’
    ‘we intended to run an abbreviated event’
    • ‘The name was coined in the twentieth century from the Greek mol, which is an abbreviated form of the word molecule.’
    • ‘To view the acronym simply put your mouse over the abbreviated word or acronym to get the full meaning of the word.’
    • ‘His answers, progressively more abbreviated, were reduced at times to up or down nods.’
    • ‘Each piece of software is described in an abbreviated prose paragraph.’
    • ‘This is a greatly abbreviated summary of particular aspects of organ meridian function.’
    • ‘The young officers, who carry handguns, must complete an abbreviated stint at the Cape May County Police Academy.’
    • ‘Today, SMS text messaging is language at its most abbreviated.’
    • ‘It will be an abbreviated set; I haven't decided what to play yet.’
    • ‘The paper reproduces an abbreviated version of the speech with which he is currently touring Germany.’
    • ‘Miller returned to battalion headquarters to conduct an abbreviated military decisionmaking process.’
    • ‘An abbreviated curriculum vitae for the nominee (seven pages maximum) is required.’
    shortened, reduced, cut, cut down, cut short, contracted, condensed, compressed, abridged, truncated, concise, compendious, compact, succinct, clipped, cropped, pared down, pruned, shrunk, constricted, telescoped
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