Definition of Abbevillian in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting the first Palaeolithic culture in Europe, now usually referred to as the Lower Acheulian.

    • ‘Extensive archeological finds of obsidian instruments roughly fashioned by the primitive man indicate ancient human settlements in Armenia, dating back to the Old Stone Age (Abbevillian culture) and further onwards.’
    • ‘The researchers identified in the cave three different ancient human cultures: Acheulean, Abbevillian, and Mousterian.’
    • ‘Subdivisions of the Paleolithic include the: Lower Paleolithic (Oldowan, Clactonian, Abbevillian, Acheulean), Middle Paleolithic, the time of the hand axe-industries and Upper Paleolithic (Châtelperronian, Aurignacian, Solutrean, Gravettian, Magdalenian).’
    • ‘Early Acheulian or Abbevillian begins in Karnataka around 1.5 million years ago and advance Acheulian continues up to 15 million years ago at Patpara in Son Valley.’
    1. 1.1as noun the Abbevillian The Abbevillian culture or period.


1930s: from French Abbevillien ‘from Abbeville’, a town in northern France where tools from this culture were discovered.