Definition of abatement in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The action of abating or being abated; ending or subsiding.

    ‘this trend shows no sign of abatement’
    subsiding, dying away, dying down, dying out, dropping away, dropping off, lessening, decrease, diminishing, moderation, decline, declining, fade, dwindling, cooling off, tailing off, petering out, tapering off, wane, waning, ebb, relenting, desisting, weakening
    lessening, decrease, moderation, easing, softening, soothing, relief, blunting, deadening, alleviation, mitigation, mollification, allaying, assuagement, palliation, tempering, appeasement, attenuation
    decrease, reduction, lowering
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    1. 1.1Law The reduction or removal of a nuisance.
      [as modifier] ‘it was resolved to serve an abatement notice’
      • ‘Since January 2002 this trend has continued and shows no signs of abatement.’
      • ‘He was informed by the seller that it required as much as $400,000 worth of asbestos abatement.’
      • ‘This is not to over-simplify the crime wave that's sweeping through the country with no apparent abatement.’
      • ‘The pub was served with the noise abatement order after a resident of a neighbouring housing development complained to the council.’
      • ‘Council leader Smith has promised an abatement of problems in the Purfleet area caused by hundreds of heavy lorries.’
      • ‘Things heated up as the TA started negotiating rent abatement for tenants who were without gas for months on end.’
      • ‘I have been very idle lately; both from the overpowering idea of our dead poets and from abatement of my love of fame.’
      • ‘A noise abatement order issued in November last year failed to stop the music.’
      • ‘A single case of noise-induced hearing loss might be the trigger for intensified noise abatement.’
      • ‘But victims complain that it takes a long time to obtain a noise abatement notice requiring their neighbours to turn down the volume.’
      • ‘MSgt Samson's discovery set in motion the permanent abatement of this hazard.’
      • ‘My advice would be to hold out for a rent abatement of some sort.’
      • ‘Colchester Council slapped a noise abatement notice on the site.’
      • ‘Despite the obstacles early weed abatement programs faced, weed control efforts proliferated.’
      • ‘It is expected to be anchored there for a number of days to await the abatement of unusual southerly headwinds.’
      • ‘The fact that there is no abatement also differentiates the student allowance from all other government support.’
      • ‘Monday's ruling from the state tax commission has extended the tax abatement until 2010.’
      • ‘He said the federal government targets only about $150 million a year for lead abatement.’
      • ‘Lead abatement has been subject to stringent laws for many years throughout the country.’
      • ‘That path, that we have tended to follow in the past as in the present, has led us no closer to an abatement of the widespread savagery of criminals.’