Definition of A to Z in English:

A to Z

(also A–Z)


  • 1An alphabetically arranged handbook; a complete guide to a subject.

    ‘an A to Z of tools’
    as modifier ‘an A–Z guide’
    • ‘I will be visiting Jamaica soon, so I have been doing some research about the island of my parents' birth from ‘The A to Z of Jamaican Heritage’ by Olive Senior.’
    • ‘A large part of the book is an A to Z health reference guide for mother and baby, and I think that's what people seem to be using the most.’
    • ‘It is a practical A to Z of classical technique, with each variation forming its own set exercise.’
    • ‘Visitors can still access the popular A to Z listing of health topics, browse topics by body location/systems, or use the main Search box.’
    • ‘So many new members have joined that we have had to publish an A to Z of revolution, explaining, among other things, who Leon Trotsky was.’
    • ‘The campaign was launched yesterday in London with 26 NHS workers representing an A to Z of health service careers.’
    • ‘What we need is a complete A to Z of reasons to be cheerful.’
    • ‘First under the letter D in my A to Z of food is ‘daube’.’
    • ‘Our Good Life package also offers a diverting vacation selection for every month of 2004, plus a sophisticated A to Z guide to living well.’
    • ‘The main section of the handbook is an easy-to-use A to Z compendium of ailments and disorders.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the guide, which attempts to provide an A to Z guide to investment, is educationally enlightening and prompts us to make informed decisions.’
    • ‘It promises to cover the A to Z of filmmaking both behind and in front of the camera.’
    • ‘This is where they learn all about teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, success, survival… the A to Z of life in the corporate world.’
    • ‘The second part of the A to Z guide will be published on Sunday.’
    • ‘Kind of an A to Z on riding skills and the tactics of competitive cycling.’
    • ‘There's also an A to Z of food and wine pairings, with a gazetteer, a list of UK wine merchants and vintage tables.’
    • ‘It covers the A to Z of politics from both sides of every issue.’
    • ‘To try to plug that gap, a countywide A to Z directory of drug services has been launched containing up-to-date information about all the drug services in Cumbria.’
    • ‘Belatedly, I'll at least try to put together a Horticultural A to Z for you to mark one year in the blogosphere, and possibly a montage of allotment pictures from the past 12 months.’
    • ‘Information available includes: an A to Z of services, employment details, harassment and sickness absence policies and financial services.’
    1. 1.1 A book containing lists and maps of city streets.
      ‘having consulted the A–Z of Greater London, I knew how to get there’
      • ‘Miss Fudge worked out a route for us at the weekend with an A to Z and a piece of pink ribbon.’
      • ‘Since I was supposed to be working, I tried to minimise the time I took to collect it by taking what the Bristol A to Z suggested would be a brisk short cut.’
      • ‘A few puzzled tourists stand around, scouring their London A to Zs for alternative routes to their destinations.’
      • ‘The restaurant was located in a part of town that most Londoners wouldn't have found armed with an A to Z.’
      • ‘I've used my brain once today, and that was to look up this place on the A to Z.’
      • ‘But luckily, we know that you can get anywhere with the car and an A to Z map.’
      • ‘He wasn't from the city of course, so perhaps he had just popped out without the A to Z street map about his person.’


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