Definition of a shade — in English:

a shade —


  • A little —

    ‘he was a shade hung-over’
    • ‘It was a shade less than the champions deserved.’
    • ‘My only big complaint was that something must have gone wrong with the timing, as while my friends' dishes were piping hot, mine was a shade lukewarm.’
    • ‘His eyes turn a shade moist when he thinks of things back home.’
    • ‘‘We were a shade fortunate to win it,’ admitted Rains.’
    • ‘When Mr Blair made his comments back in April I said I thought he was being a shade over-optimistic.’
    • ‘As privileged guests settle into their seats today at Hampshire's cradle of cricket, they could be forgiven for looking a shade smug.’
    • ‘The only trouble is that his enthusiasm has slightly outpaced systematism; the corpus of the work is a shade difficult to comprehend in terms of logistics.’
    • ‘In that regard, the visitors were clearly superior and were a shade unlucky not to have hauled themselves back into contention after falling in arrears.’
    • ‘With the game getting a shade tetchy in spots, it was perhaps no great surprise that referee Monaghan decided to impose the ultimate sanction on the unfortunate Ryan with all of 19 minutes left on the clock.’
    • ‘The Holland group's taut interlocks and quick, nervous counterpoint become a shade tiresome.’