Definition of a quick one in English:

a quick one


  • A rapidly consumed alcoholic drink.

    • ‘‘All sounds very technical,’ I said ‘You going to pop down the Lion for a quick one after?’’
    • ‘I'm off to the bar for a quick one.… Taoiseach, wake up.’
    • ‘I'm not talking about them letting you have a quick one in the back while they're cleaning up.’
    • ‘They are also non-refundable, so don't be tempted to have a quick one for Dutch courage before you set off; all climbers are stringently breathalysed!’
    • ‘Rather than sit around that whole time looking stupid, some bassists decided to sneak offstage and go to the tavern next door for a quick one.’
    • ‘So I arranged with them to meet them in town before work, whether at the show or at a pub for a quick one.’
    • ‘See if you can spot the two I wrote when I was a bit drunk, after the third consecutive ‘oh, just a quick one then’ early evening session in the village pub with the usual suspects.’
    • ‘It was just a quick one in the leisure centre bar, up by the observation gallery.’
    • ‘It's interesting how, other than Miami, our list of favourite sleaze-pits and dens of iniquity seems remarkably similar to our list of favourite places to grab a quick one with pals.’
    • ‘Better make it a quick one - the last train leaves at 6: 35 pm.’