Definition of a kind of in English:

a kind of


  • Something resembling.

    ‘teaching based on a kind of inspired guesswork’
    • ‘His diaries of his years as a junior minister have granted him a kind of immortality.’
    • ‘At times like this you realise that government is really a kind of confidence trick.’
    • ‘There is also a kind of equality in the knowledge that the evening will cost everybody the same.’
    • ‘It takes a kind of genius to alienate both major political parties in the space of a month.’
    • ‘For some callers, failure to support local athletes was itself a kind of treachery.’
    • ‘The thing about a shopping centre is it's a kind of twisted microcosm of the world.’
    • ‘It looked and felt like a bit like a bible, and I, at eight, approached it with a kind of awe.’
    • ‘One couple you saw who wanted to do this inspired in you almost a kind of moral outrage.’
    • ‘By the time we came along, she had a kind of love-hate relationship with the church.’
    • ‘For many of her type and generation, prevention from celebrity is a kind of jail.’