Definition of a into g in English:

a into g


in phrase get one's a into g
  • Start to do something with energy, determination, or speed.

    ‘I really need to get my a into g and work on my folio’
    • ‘To ensure they get their A into G and work off their debt, interest needs to accumulate on the total fine as well.’
    • ‘A detailed itinerary will appear soon, when I get my A into G and put some travelogue pages up.’
    • ‘Then councils got their A into G and started notifying owners of buildings that required additional strengthening to bring them up to compliance standards.’
    • ‘I've always wished I was part of it, so this year I finally got my A into G and submitted an application on time.’
    • ‘I just have to put my A into G and focus in on getting back as quick as I can.’


Short for get one's arse into gear.