Definition of a fact of life in English:

a fact of life


  • Something that must be accepted and cannot be changed, however unpalatable.

    ‘baldness is a fact of life for a lot of men’
    • ‘The family cat, Snowbell, has started accepting Stuart as a fact of life and part of the family.’
    • ‘Sunday drinking has also become a fact of life in recent years, as a host of licensing restrictions have been swept away.’
    • ‘Downward mobility was and seems to have been accepted as an irreducible fact of life.’
    • ‘In a normal environment, disease is a fact of life, but it's one we ignore at our peril.’
    • ‘Some feel there is neither rhyme nor reason as to this regular occurrence but we have to accept it as a fact of life.’
    • ‘Do you expect to have a life of your own outside work or are long hours and burnout just a fact of life you have accepted?’
    • ‘It's a fact of life that students, when they graduate, will have to pay off their debts and fit into the commercial world.’
    • ‘Terrorism may be rare, but terror warnings have become a fact of life.’
    • ‘The role of international financial markets seemed to be accepted as a fact of life, even though not always a pleasant one.’
    • ‘After much fighting and agitating you accept sorrow, pain or difficulty as a fact of life.’