Definition of a dusty answer in English:

a dusty answer


  • A curt and unhelpful reply.

    • ‘Anyone who did approach us would be given a dusty answer.’
    • ‘But wanting a game console and a mobile phone for a birthday got a pretty dusty answer.’
    • ‘The SSP's representative raising this point in debate, received a dusty answer from the First Minister about not running to Westminster ‘every time we have a nose-bleed’.’
    • ‘They tried to force a political blueprint on to the North East and they got a dusty answer.’
    curt, abrupt, terse, brusque, blunt, short, clipped, snappy, snappish, sharp, crisp, tart, gruff, offhand, ungracious, rude, impolite, discourteous, bad-tempered
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