Definition of a cut above in English:

a cut above


  • Noticeably superior to:

    ‘she's a cut above the rest’
    • ‘Against all the evidence, the English still believe themselves a superior race, a cut above the rest of us.’
    • ‘They were dominant literally throughout the field and on the day genuinely looked a cut above all others in the county right now.’
    • ‘What makes him a cut above the rest is his amazing simplicity.’
    • ‘But this particular showhouse was a cut above the rest because it also had a credible message - that of universal design.’
    • ‘This test is a cut above most of the silly self-evaluation tests one finds on the Web.’
    • ‘Fred believes his outfit is a cut above the rest because it is modelled on the uniform worn by a Great Western Railway station master in the 1850s.’
    • ‘Contractual issues delayed the re-opening but all of that is just a bad memory as the shop has proved that its not only back in business it's also a cut above the rest.’
    • ‘Each player, made to think he is valuable, bought for a large sum of money, will think himself a cut above the rest.’
    • ‘England and France, maybe even Wales, are a cut above that.’
    • ‘Bradford Council believes it is a cut above the rest when it comes to keeping the district tidy as the Government today slated councils for not doing enough.’
    superior to, much better than
    streets ahead of, way ahead of the field, way ahead of the pack
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