Definition of a counsel of perfection in English:

a counsel of perfection


  • Advice that is ideal but not feasible.

    ‘while it may be a counsel of perfection, it must be advisable for the insurer to attempt to investigate each claim’
    • ‘It gives sound advice, but it is a counsel of perfection.’
    • ‘I must not judge his acts or omissions by the standards of a counsel of perfection, nor yet with the benefit of hindsight.’
    • ‘If anybody was engaged in a counsel of perfection, it was this Inspector.’
    • ‘That said, courts must avoid using such power to look over the shoulder of business as a counsel of perfection.’
    • ‘‘It is important that the obligation to take into consideration all relevant considerations is not converted into a counsel of perfection for planning officers' reports’.’
    • ‘I think it is a counsel of perfection to say that he ought to have seen and reacted the very second she stepped off the kerb.’
    • ‘But this, I think, is rather a counsel of perfection than a reason for leaving the purchaser entirely at the mercy of the vendor.’
    • ‘Adjudication is not and cannot be a counsel of perfection.’
    • ‘Although it may be a counsel of perfection, true stress and strain could provide a more accurate picture of what is happening.’