Definition of a counsel of despair in English:

a counsel of despair


  • An action to be taken when all else fails.

    ‘not to build because we are short of doctors would be a counsel of despair’
    • ‘That is not a counsel of despair, just a measure of the complexity of the task, which requires at least the sorts of skills and long-term commitment needed to master a language and culture.’
    • ‘And yet this essay does not set out to be a counsel of despair.’
    • ‘It is a counsel of despair to believe that serious journalism is incapable of being popular journalism.’
    • ‘This is a counsel of despair that does not convince.’
    • ‘Allowing the two sides to fight until exhaustion is a counsel of despair.’
    • ‘"I think this is a counsel of despair, " he said.’
    • ‘The retreat into philosophy is, however, a negative response to this situation; it is a counsel of despair in the face of a hostile world.’
    • ‘So shall we project our own cramped and gloomy worldview on to those who are most sensitive to counsels of despair?’
    • ‘To impose a tie-up scheme would be a counsel of despair and an admission that the system has completely failed.’
    • ‘This is a counsel of despair at what is the most promising moment for political accommodation I can recall.’