Definition of a change of heart in English:

a change of heart


  • A move to a different opinion or attitude.

    ‘you can have your money back if you have a change of heart’
    • ‘Over the course of this very long and drawn out debate I have had many changes of heart on my position and in truth I still cant fully decide my stance.’
    • ‘I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart.’
    • ‘The study's lead author suggested that doctors might have a change of heart regarding the use of aspirin in cardiac failure.’
    • ‘This break has been characterised by a couple of fairly major changes of heart.’
    • ‘By their very nature, professional expatriates are not given to sudden irrational changes of heart, for in general they will have carefully weighed the pros and cons before accepting the position in the first place.’
    • ‘The latest edition of the Lonely Planet guide to Britain has had a change of heart about the country's industrial cities.’
    • ‘But there is hope for people who have a change of heart and want to increase their chances of survival.’
    • ‘However, he had a change of heart and announced in November that he would continue with his duties.’
    • ‘He insists that there will be no more changes of heart and already has plans for a post-rugby sporting career.’
    • ‘Opponents say his change of heart over health, education and immigration policies looks like opportunism.’
    change one's mind, change one's tune, have second thoughts, have a rethink, think again, think differently, think twice
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