Definition of a card up one's sleeve in English:

a card up one's sleeve


  • A plan or asset that is kept secret until it is needed.

    ‘the alliances have been the key card up our sleeve’
    • ‘Fortunately we had a card up our sleeve, a guest player by the name of Garfield Sobers and, within half an hour, he had shared eight wickets with [Fred] Trueman.’
    • ‘One young man cried, ‘There was a card up your sleeve!’’
    • ‘We who are truly in-the-know have a card up our sleeve that, once revealed, will completely and utterly wipe them and their kind from the face of the Earth!’
    • ‘The same company that manufacturers some of the highest performing desktop harddisks, IBM, has a card up their sleeve for the notebook market.’
    • ‘But if Aurora had the leverage of his vows, he still had a card up his sleeve.’