Definition of a bold stroke in English:

a bold stroke


  • A daring action or initiative.

    ‘the budget was full of bold strokes’
    • ‘While these men were not social revolutionaries bent on overturning the slave system in one bold stroke, nor were they solely foot draggers content to slow production.’
    • ‘In one bold stroke, Google will give new value to millions of orphaned works.’
    • ‘The team is expected to be active on Draft Day and could help its cause by making a bold stroke.’
    • ‘And that is what he invented recursive functions for, a bold stroke for which he would indeed deserve to be declared a hero of our times.’
    • ‘In order to have a chance at anything but defeat, Sharon had to seize the advantage by some bold stroke.’
    • ‘This was a bold stroke by the board.’
    • ‘It called for a bold stroke, not considered Pierce's forté.’
    • ‘They can in one bold stroke change the economic coffee landscape with an initiative in support of the coffee farmers in the global village.’
    • ‘It's a pretty bold stroke considering his history on some of these campaign fund-raising issues.’
    • ‘This was an incredibly bold stroke, and they could have been worried about retribution coming at any minute.’