Definition of a bit much in English:

a bit much


  • Somewhat excessive or unreasonable.

    ‘his earnestness can be a bit much’
    • ‘The picture above with all the limousines is maybe a bit much, but hey, that's just the kind of place it is.’
    • ‘I knew drink was dear in the South but 80 euro for a pint of Harp is a bit much.’
    • ‘When the tourists pour in to see the autumn leaves, traffic on Skyline Drive can be a bit much.’
    • ‘D'you reckon red fishnet sleeves are a bit much for the first day back?’
    • ‘I will go out for him for the sake of research but really 3 calls in 2 days is a bit much since we haven't even had a date yet!’
    • ‘To describe his uncritical account of the official view as ‘an investigation’ is a bit much.’
    • ‘The pregnancy storyline was a bit much and definitely unneeded although it added depth to Dan's family life.’
    • ‘To say that we developed a keen interest in the subject might be stretching credibility a bit much.’
    • ‘While still a beautiful location, the over-the-top glitz of St. Tropez is a bit much.’
    • ‘I've been in trouble in the past but a three-year ban is a bit much.’
    • ‘I've also realised that I quite like having people about, as long as I have a room to hide out in when it gets a bit much.’
    • ‘Mind you, while they deserve harsh punishment, nine years might be a bit much.’
    • ‘I knew Labour Ministers lie a bit, but accusing two ministers in one week of hypocrisy is a bit much.’
    • ‘I think he's trying to insert some humour into what could be a dull text, but the persistent labeling is a bit much.’
    • ‘It probably was a bit much to ask them to do it all over again.’
    • ‘If that brings attention that gets a bit much now and again that's something I'll have to learn to deal with.’
    • ‘Though I sometimes find Margo a bit much, at least she has something to contribute.’
    • ‘I don't know exactly what to call what I've just been through in the last 24 hours, but it's all a bit much.’
    • ‘Yes, all this red wine as emblem and object of worship may get a bit much, of course.’
    • ‘It may have been a bit much to expect Dixon to visit the jazz clubs or to go up to Harlem to listen to some blues, but there was plenty else to do and see.’
    unacceptable, intolerable, insufferable, unsatisfactory, undesirable, unreasonable, objectionable, insupportable
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