Definition of A3 in English:



  • 1[mass noun] A standard European size of paper, 420 × 297 mm:

    [as modifier] ‘A3 posters’
    • ‘Attached to the piece was a sheet of A3 paper folded in half so as to resemble an open magazine.’
    • ‘The leaflets, A3 in size, were handed over to the council.’
    • ‘The farmers' market takes place every fortnight and Mrs Lupton said they have put up yellow A3 posters for the last year.’
    1. 1.1 A3 paper:
      ‘a prospectus printed on A3’
      • ‘I hadn't yet worked out that you can fold A3 in half and make it into double the amount of A4.’
      • ‘The 250MHz processor and standard 32MB allows the 8150 to rip through even complex graphics jobs and it can print up to 1,200x1,200 dots per inch on A3 or A4.’