Definition of A-team in English:



  • A group of elite soldiers or the top advisers or other staff in an organization.

    • ‘Star manager Michael Jordan left active duty in 1998, but he remained on the board and his A-team of managers ran the funds.’
    • ‘In one incident, a U.S. Special Forces A-team, accompanied by a Canadian reconnaissance squadron, encountered a group of Somalis who had been wounded in an earlier clash.’
    • ‘You'll meet an A-team, a very special group of special forces soldiers here doing a very difficult mission.’
    • ‘So the Special Forces A-team directed a precision bomb right outside the commander's headquarters.’
    • ‘The so-called A-team, which directed American bombers to enemy positions, helped to unseat the enemy and made a huge contribution to the war, its commander said.’
    • ‘Come on BBC, put the A-team behind the mikes for the men's final.’
    • ‘When the A-team members left, they took a lot of their high-tech equipment with them.’
    • ‘Truth be told, though, this isn't much of an A-team.’
    • ‘It doesn't help that they didn't assign their A-team to this film.’
    • ‘‘We've got our A-team out here,’ Sergeant Bradley says.’
    • ‘At his initial meeting with the A-team squad on June 26, all but two said that they backed their senior colleagues, and they signed a letter to that effect and sent it to the board.’
    • ‘‘The area has never been cleared,’ says Captain Don Ray, who commands the Special Forces A-team based in Kunduz.’
    • ‘The company's sense of itself was founded on an A-team working happily and fruitfully together.’
    • ‘Due diligence was also required to get the capital needed, so Wright assigned the job to his A-team.’
    • ‘Despite this Lee cannot get so much as a look-in at the A-team squad.’
    • ‘This was the largest number of A-teams in the field for one operation, surpassing the total number of ODAs engaged at any one time during the Vietnam War-about 85.’
    • ‘Together they form a formidable A-team of masterful musicians who are so special you feel that they are capable of tilting the world on its axis.’
    • ‘Their own A-team has taken to the streets to help police battle crime.’
    • ‘He also had a luncheon meeting with his A-team along with the executive directors.’
    • ‘He has recruited an A-team from Corporate America to help pull off a radical turnaround.’


1970s: from sports terminology in which an organization's A-team is its best team.