Definition of ware in English:



  • 1mass noun, usually with adjective or noun modifier Pottery, typically that of a specified type.

    ‘blue-and-white majolica ware’
    ‘Minoan potters produced an astonishing variety of wares’
    • ‘The effect of family use of lead-glazed ceramic ware on PbB level was significant.’
    • ‘These seventeenth-century Hirado wares are somewhat difficult to distinguish from Imari wares made at the same time.’
    • ‘Designs of a purely ornamental kind, and especially the Iznik, Middle-East and Oriental wares, were the staples of the pottery.’
    • ‘‘I went from an antiques ignoramus into a devotee of ancient ceramic ware,’ Cai said.’
    • ‘Bathrooms have quality Villeroy and Bosch ceramic ware.’
    • ‘There will be contests of unusual ceramics, exhibitions of the products and ceramic ware for sale at bargain prices.’
    • ‘He recommends that we not heat our food in the microwave using plastic containers, but instead use glass, corning ware, or ceramic containers.’
    • ‘The question is whether ceramics known as gabbroic pottery, including Trevisker ware, include gabbro-rock minerals added as a temper.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Xu turned the land into a poetic South China-style garden with a teapot-making workshop and a museum of ceramic ware, which includes more than 1,000 figures of the Buddha.’
    • ‘It was associated with an oblong cobbled ‘work area’ with gullies, covered by vast quantities of Unstan ware pottery, five stone axes, a number of broken tools and flints.’
    • ‘The mark on the underside of this piece is classified as an emblem because it has characteristics that are typical of other emblems on ceramic ware of this type and period.’
    • ‘This is a logical move to reduce overcapacity, yet it deepened Waterford Wedgwood's exposure to ceramics and formal ware at a time when those products have fallen out of favour with consumers.’
    • ‘The different styles in Imari ware are named after the region where they are produced or after the potter families who had invented the style.’
    • ‘His cream coloured earthenware was christened Queen's ware after Queen Charlotte, who appointed him Queen's Potter in 1762.’
    • ‘He had a rack full of sturdy Buffalo China diner ware.’
    • ‘Both unglazed terracotta ware and highly glazed ware crafted there are on sale in the museum foyer and the adjacent conservatory.’
    • ‘Another of their specialized collections, Parian ware is a marblelike porcelain introduced in England in the 1840s.’
    • ‘Books went well, as did glass and china ware on the White Elephant stall.’
    • ‘Ceramic wares with a rich variety of shapes and sizes appeal to the craft lovers.’
    • ‘It has been estimated that 40% of the residents of the Mexico City area use lead-glazed ceramic ware.’
    1. 1.1 Manufactured articles of a specified type.
      ‘crystal ware’
      ‘aluminium ware’
      • ‘Lesser items, such as old magazines, inexpensive glass and china ware, may just sit in boxes.’
      • ‘British scholar and art historian who identified the various potters responsible for making Attic black-figure ware and red-figure ware.’
      • ‘Chapter 4 contains practical information about laboratory glassware and plastic ware as well as the importance of water in the clinical laboratory.’
      • ‘Mocha ware, with its brightly patterned surfaces and surprisingly modern decoration, has attracted the attention of collectors for many years.’
      • ‘A powerful corporation that manufactured and distributed the bulk siding and engine ware of all Earth's space fleets.’
      • ‘The new store will carry a range of jewellery, many pieces of which use precious stones and are flown in from China, as well as crafted handbags, purses, silk scarves and crystal ornamental ware.’
      • ‘A variety of ancient silver and jade ware has been seized from the temporary residences of the robbers, who dug tombs late at night and hid the relics in secret places.’
      • ‘Crystal ware was the theme of the day with eight prizes provided and presented by Lady Captain Margaret Rothwell at the evening dinner for 108 competitors and non-playing members.’
      • ‘Her large collection of this ware encompassed a wide variety of forms and ranged in date from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century.’
      • ‘Even so, about 400 relics, including silverware, jade ware, copperware, ironware and earthenware, were found during excavation work.’
      • ‘Scotland is always a selling point, whether it's crystal ware or silicon chips.’
      • ‘Makers of handphones, TVs and computers are rolling out low-priced ware for China's rural poor, in an attempt to tap a huge potential market for electronic goods.’
      • ‘The crockery has class and the beverages come in real crystal ware.’
      • ‘The table was set with the best china and gold ware.’
      • ‘Crystal ware in delightful shapes is a perennial attraction, along with aesthetically designed desk clocks that do more than just tell the time.’
      • ‘Separate areas were devoted to wares from Arita, Kutani, Seto, Satsuma, and Tokyo.’
      • ‘When selecting a present for a family, utilitarian kitchen items, including cutlery and crystal ware, are often the best choice.’
      • ‘If French cuisine is not what you are looking for, then you could take a look at the superb art and crafts in the market offering a wonderful range of paintings, ceramics, pottery, and porcelain and wicker ware.’
      • ‘It was once home to a factory for manufacturing plastic ware.’
      • ‘Except, that is, for one place, where over 150 exhibits featuring ancient bronze ware, china, pottery and traditional Chinese paintings were quietly displayed.’
    2. 1.2wares Articles offered for sale.
      ‘traders in the street markets displayed their wares’
      • ‘Producers from all over Northern Ireland put their fresh farm wares up for sale to a capacity crowd on Saturday mornings.’
      • ‘As many as 60 stalls would be set up for display and sale of wares.’
      • ‘Some artistes do paintings on pottery and exhibit their ware.’
      • ‘As he prepares to market his wares at a sales show, he belatedly discovers that the motel he has chosen in order to save money is a welfare hotel.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, Ryedale farmers have been dealt another blow with the cancellation of the Malton Farmers' Market, which allows producers to sell wares direct to the customer.’
      • ‘By making more expensive materials and embellishments optional for most forms, the firm could offer its wares in a variety of price ranges.’
      • ‘The Egyptian hieroglyphic writing system was likely invented to help with trade, allowing merchants record their wares and account for their stock.’
      • ‘In many border towns in eastern Poland after 1989, markets and bazaars appeared where Ukraine or White Russian traders offered their wares.’
      • ‘Today, in addition to their photographic products, they also have a line of military wares.’
      • ‘Reiko went along the beach in the same way, offering her wares up to everyone of the female persuasion.’
      • ‘Checking it out, the site seems to be under construction and The Register found just three solution providers offering their wares.’
      • ‘The ruined city of Vakith stood deserted, but the distant memory of children playing or merchants peddling their wares echoed in Drakas' ears.’
      • ‘These moves were designed to foster free trade and thus to make it easier for overseas companies to sell their wares in China untrammelled by embargoes and tariffs.’
      • ‘They would wander station platforms and when a troop train pulled in for a minute or two, would offer their wares for sale.’
      • ‘Local producers obviously haven't yet caught on to branding their wares to ensnare the wandering green pound.’
      • ‘The building with the sphinx and obelisks in the center housed Akoun's Beautiful Orient with its bazaar offering wares from the Middle East.’
      • ‘Smith is now a free agent, able to offer his wares to any of the other teams.’
      • ‘Stallholders will be only too happy to advise shoppers who are unfamiliar with the wares on offer, and to offer them samples to help them decide what to buy.’
      • ‘One almost wishes one ate fish, for the women generously offer a taste of their mouthwatering wares.’
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Old English waru ‘commodities’, of Germanic origin, perhaps the same word as Scots ware ‘cautiousness’, and having the primary sense ‘object of care’; related to ware.