Definition of ish in English:



  • To some extent.

    ‘‘Are you busy?’ ‘Ish’’
    • ‘But now I'm older and popularity is less of an issue and I've developed a unique (ish) identity to go with my humdrum name.’
    • ‘Another 200 ish word writing from the pen (well typewriter) of yours truly.’
    • ‘Still a shame they close at midnight since we usually reach the party peak at 11 pm ish.’
    • ‘I am still waiting for you to hook me up with a 40 ish or 50 ish woman!’
    • ‘We left around 11 ish which seemed to be the time that many were leaving.’
    • ‘The album kicks off with "This," a gorgeous, rhythmic tune with Bowie-style vocals and ringing U2 - ish guitar.’
    • ‘Go buy for the small (ish) person in your life!’
    • ‘This time next week she'll be back home for good ish!’
    • ‘We were a motley collection of mostly 30 - ish women, most of us quietly, happily married (well, except for me).’
    • ‘Now, he has a Jewish (ish) name.’
    • ‘Most are in the 20 - ish week of pregnancy.’
    • ‘Started midday, finished midnight (ish).’
    • ‘Glad he's getting paid the big (ish) bucks to represent the people.’
    • ‘Some of the guys would be in the 8-9 minute/mile range, and I would be running 7:40 ish / mile.’
    • ‘On average, you should spot each numberplate number approximately once in every thousand (ish) plates.’
    • ‘Just pictured them as 17 - ish.’
    • ‘Her advice was simple: go west, young (ish) man.’
    • ‘I woke up, convinced it was Saturday, and got up about fifteen minutes later, at 9: 15 ish.’
    • ‘I can only assume that it means you get little control over which of its 250 ish songs you want to listen to.’
    • ‘This is a 100 (ish) mile cycle ride, with 500 riders, incorporating 8 nasty climbs.’


1980s: from -ish.