[with object]
  • Put a hood on or over.

    ‘she was forced into a car, hooded, and taken to a cell’
    • ‘The men were hooded and handcuffed and taken to a former torture centre.’
    • ‘Basically they kicked down his door, rifled through his things, hooded him, and dragged him away.’
    • ‘From the moment they are captured, prisoners are hooded, shackled and accorded no rights whatsoever.’
    • ‘These sources say the prisoners there are hooded from the moment they are captured.’
    • ‘He said the accused had also known she would recognise him so he added to her trauma by hooding himself, and to make sure he was not seen, had thrown a towel over her head.’
    • ‘In Camp Delta, this means shackling inmates for 20 hours a day, while hooding and beating them.’