[no object]informal
  • 1wise upoften in imperative Become alert to or aware of something.

    ‘wise up and sort yourselves out before it's too late’
    • ‘The public are wising up because if recent past elections are anything to go by apathetic turn outs just keep getting worse.’
    • ‘We are wising up to such something-for-nothing marketing schemes which turn out to be the opposite.’
    • ‘It never ceased to amaze us that this trick worked day after day, week after week without the fools wising up to us.’
    • ‘Forever desperate to present his charges as potential world-beaters four years down the line, he should wise up to the fact that moulding them into a team merely tough to beat might be as good as it can get.’
    • ‘But this is difficult as the market wises up to their e-business models.’
  • 2wise offNorth American Make jokes or witty remarks.

    ‘Jake and I would wise off to him’