Definition of MO in English:



  • The way a particular person tends to do things.

    ‘his MO isn't prescribing the solution but sparking more questions’
    ‘Connor can't figure out the killer's MO’
    • ‘Making dumb jokes when my friends need sympathy/listening/understanding is pretty much my MO.’
    • ‘He will say insulting things because that's kinda been his MO.’
    • ‘His MO is to stop crimes before they occur.’
    • ‘Anyway my MO for dealing with illness is to take time off immediately and for a day longer than I think I need it.’
    • ‘Balderson's MO was creating competitive teams on low payrolls.’
    • ‘A team which plays offensively as the Yanks do may find it tough to change their MO during playoff time.’
    • ‘Notice his MO - laugh at the question, demean the questioner, shout invective, back his position with " I have studied", and then shut it down without providing any evidence from his extensive research.’
    • ‘His behavior with court officials indicates his MO: threats and intimidation if he doesn't get his way.’
    • ‘That is not the Ray's MO at all.’
    • ‘Their MO is to provoke, then make you feel you have no reason to react - and it's all your fault to begin with!’


1950s: abbreviation of modus operandi.